HR & Compliance

We believe the health of any company starts with a strong human resources infrastructure. We provide a-la-carte services ranging from Employee Handbooks to HR Audits, as well as All-In HR packages that will act as a business’s HR Management to assist in all HR and Compliance needs.


Talent Placement

Recruiting and hiring top talent is by far one of the most important aspects of any organizations business plan. Our all-encompassing strategies determine which positions to fill, finding the right candidates to fill the positions, and retain that talent within the organization.


Executive Coaching

Our coaching services not only propels business owners and executives into their expanding roles by having them perform strategic exercises and assignments, but we also work with members on a personal level to develop them into the leader they were meant to be.



Marketing is always evolving since we’ve entered a digital age and we understand how important it is to stay current with trends. Our members are strategically matched to work with niche marketing experts who start with analyzing a company’s branding, move forward to thoughtfully planned initiatives, and finish with analysis to determine next steps and ROI (return on investment).


Accounting & Finance with Vendor Analysis

All business truths can be found in the numbers. We partner with members to implement internal financial controls to minimize losses, assist in accurate financial reporting to determine financial health, and help set budgets for upcoming fiscal years and/or projects. Additionally, members get access to our Preferred Vendors with Preferred Pricing to assist in slashing payroll, business insurances, technology, and other essential operational costs to increase profits.



What’s next? A successful business owner always wants to know, “What’s next?” We help members determine whether or not it’s time to plan a full or partial sale of the business by analyzing the complete health of the business as well as considering future personal plans for stakeholders. Once it’s been agreed upon to engage in an equity transaction, we assist in finding the right buyers with the right deal as well as lead the due diligence defense by representing the business during the auditing process. 

Katrina and staff played an integral part while our business was undergoing a private equity transaction. They completely took over our Human Capital division by implementing employee performance systems, managing employee behavior, and more importantly–placing talented individuals in key roles. Having them on our team allowed executive management the focus needed to complete the transaction all while having peace of mind that the staff was being taken care of. They have been our go-to team for high level strategies!
— CEO, ImportLA
Katrina and her team have managed all of the human resources strategies and responsibilities for all of my portfolio companies for over 3 years. She is thoughtful, detailed, and responsible – providing excellent customer service. She specifically guided our company through an emergency out of state situation with haste and a high level of professionalism.
— MWDB Group & Beyond Vape
We started partnering with Katrina when we first started our company with our first location in NYC. Her company built the foundation of human resources and compliance for us and has shown great ability to pivot as our company rapidly scaled into several states the last couple of years. More recently, we were able to depend on her team to deliver all due diligence requests timely and accurately while we went through a highly publicized investment transaction by a large public company.
— CEO, Pokeworks
We brought Katrina on to assist with hiring our first employee. Not only did she bring on our very first employee, but also built out the corporate office team with talented and dependable professionals who are still with us today. She took the initiative to launch our payroll processing system and on-boarding procedures as well as mentoring our management team on how to lead professionally and efficiently. Katrina is quick to alert us to potential and provides honest consultation with the company’s best interest in mind. She’s not just a service provider, she’s a great partner!
— CEO, IPShark