Top 5 Tips to Building a Healthy Company Culture at Home with Your Kids

Aug 26, 2020

Whew! FINALLY - the kids are BACK. IN. SCHOOL. 

No more interruptions for snacks, the potty, the sound of something breaking, or ninja whisper conversations that you keep falling for thinking they only have one question and you can "shoo!" them away but no they have 10 more questions. 

We are FREE!

Oops, just kidding! 

Kids are now "working from home" with you - don't even call them kids anymore. They're your co-workers now. 

60% of our team members are parents. 

We don't need to run a large-scale study to determine that it's NOT easy to be a great parent and productive team member AT THE SAME TIME. 

As school-aged kids return to school online, here are 5 Tips that will keep you from locking the kids in the closet: 


1. Share & Sync Schedules

Like actually write it down on a big board and have them reference the schedule when they have any questions about what to do next. Schedule break times together by blocking out your schedule during their down times. 


2. Be in Separate Rooms

You don't have to stick them in the basement, but make sure that the sound and audio from their schooling won't interfere with your sound and audio when you're in virtual meetings. 


3. Headphones

Everyone in the house should be using headphones. It will limit distractions and allow for more focused attention. 


4. Prepare Ahead

Just like you have to make sure they have all they need before dropping them off at school, make sure they have everything they need for the day ahead of time. Have snacks and activities planned out so you aren't pausing work to scramble things together last minute. Oh and make sure they use the restroom before starting.


5. Make it Fun 

As much as they drive us crazy, we love those little beetles. We aren't sure how long this will last, so we might as well have a great time with it. Have "recess" together and go outside to play tag. Order lunch and have a picnic at the park. Have dress-up days or participate in their school's spirit activities with them. 


If these don't work, open up to your co-workers and company leaders about the challenges. Invite ideas and feedback from other working parents or other adults in the home. Ask for help. 

Not to sound cheesy, but kinda - We're all in this together. 


If you'd like additional information about how to communicate challenges to co-workers or supervisors, please send an email to [email protected]


We got your back. 









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