4 Company Perks Employees Care the Least About

Employers are increasingly seeking creative ways to retain employees through various forms of company perks and benefits such as free shuttle service to on-site child care. It's no secret that there are more jobs available than there are workers today pushing companies to out-perk one another in order to attract talent.

Although perks and benefits are strongly weighed when considering job offers, a study conducted by Harvard Business Review revealed these company perks are the least considered when offered lower pay for more benefits:

Team Bonding Events - 80% of respondents could care less about having deeper connections with colleagues.

On-Site Gym - 78% of respondents are not interested in having a gym available on company premises.

Weekly Free Employee Outings - 76% of respondents would not take lower pay to spend more time with their co-workers.

Company-wide Retreats - there is definitely a...

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Tips to Obtaining Leads at Conferences

For the longest time, I was not a fan of going to conferences for the purposes of lead generation.

I would attend one after another and walk out with very few contacts - mostly contacts who were not the decision makers for their companies. It was difficult to network and chat casually because the itinerary was completely packed with break-out sessions, panel discussions, and presentations - aka zero time to actually talk to other people.

And then one year a client of mine asked if my business partner and I wanted to attend a local conference that he would also be attending - he would be able to get us complimentary tickets. Why not?

We walked out of that conference with handfuls of business cards and new partnerships that would eventually lead to us landing our biggest client.

I figured it out - it wasn't that conferences aren't beneficial to growing your business, it's that we were attending the wrong conferences.

Here are some tips and tricks to maximize your conference...

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