The First Step to a Winning Culture: Employee Climate Survey

culture data employees survey Aug 18, 2020

Culture, culture, culture. That's all everyone is talking about these days. If you thought the ability to achieve a great and connected culture was elusive before, it sounds down right daunting these days with everyone working from everywhere. 


Let's throw out the opinions for a moment and look at some data: 

There is no "one-size-fits-all" program for all companies to ensure their employees are engaged and happy within the organization. Every company is different because each company consists of individuals very different from one another. 

How do you know what your employees want? Ask...

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Rethinking Company Perks - How to Offer Office Perks at Home

Inquiring minds are asking: is free coffee still considered an employee perk if no one is at the office? 

Gone are the days of weekly catered lunches for many businesses today. So long snack drawers. It was nice knowing you candy dishes with the good kind of chocolate. 

Or do we just need to find a new way to win our employees over in this new work from home era?

Solution: Employee Care Packages 

We've compounded a list of products your employees would love so much they would write you a good review on GlassDoor. We do not endorse incentives for positive GlassDoor reviews... just kidding, yes we do!

1. Snacks. To win most people's affection, it's through the stomach. 

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Cutting Costs - 4 Company Perks Employees Don't Care About

Employers are increasingly seeking creative ways to retain employees through various forms of company perks and benefits such as free shuttle service to on-site child care. It's no secret that there are more jobs available than there are workers today pushing companies to out-perk one another in order to attract talent.

Although perks and benefits are strongly weighed when considering job offers, a study conducted by Harvard Business Review revealed these company perks are the least considered when offered lower pay for more benefits:

Team Bonding Events - 80% of respondents could care less about having deeper connections with colleagues.

On-Site Gym - 78% of respondents are not interested in having a gym available on company premises.

Weekly Free Employee Outings - 76% of respondents would not take lower pay to spend more time with their co-workers.

Company-wide Retreats - there is definitely a...

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