4 Tips to Increase Job Applicants

Often Used Excuses:

"Ugh, these millennials are so high maintenance."

"Unemployment is just so low."

"We can't afford what we truly need."

Down and Dirty Truths:

  1. Get used to it because that is where a lot of talent resides and probably your customer base as well.
  2. If your target audience are those who are jobless, you have the wrong target audience.
  3. Then you don't truly need it.

As an HR and Recruiting expert, I've recognized that one of the biggest challenges for growing companies is finding and retaining good talent. A theory of mine is because millennials (like me) were hired by companies because we were seen as talented and valuable - but virtually had no autonomy. We weren't being heard, we were being micro-managed, and ultimately cleaning up messes that we strongly warned against. So here began the movement and exponential increase of entrepreneurship. It has reached a point, however, that there are too many entrepreneurs and not enough talent. Additionally, we are...

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The Right People for the Right Seats - 10 Best Practices

Being able to effectively fill positions can be difficult to navigate through for businesses without an HR department.

Here are 10 tips to cover every step of the recruiting process:

  1. Job Descriptions: Job Descriptions should at MINIMUM include a company overview, salary range, accurate day to day responsibilities, and benefits.
  2. Job Titles: The more specialized a job title is, the less applications will be received. Try not to confuse the audience by inflating job titles or being too creative. If the work is mostly administrative, then call it an Administrative Assistant. If the position is reporting directly to a C-suite, call it an Executive Assistant. Simple.
  3. Job Sites: Post positions on job sites that are relevant and/or specialized to the type of position. A company needs to understand where their target audience is applying for positions or learning about open positions.
  4. Job Sponsoring: The more specialized the position is, the more it should be sponsored...
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