Move the Needle: Top 3 Productivity Hacks for your Employees

Whether you're working from home or in the office - maintaining productivity throughout the day proves to be difficult for a lot of people. 

Employee productivity is an assessment of the efficiency of a worker or group of workers. Basically, hours worked divided by output. 

How can you increase productivity in a world of distractions?

Here are some game-changing hacks: 


1. Implement Time Batching 

Time batching is a productivity system that helps individuals focus on a group of similar tasks during a dedicated time period without interruptions. 

It requires every task to be batched including checking and responding to messages, socializing, social media, meal times, using the restroom... maybe not that. But essentially, whatever time you decide to work on a task means you can only work on that one task. Batching time helps minimize distractions and interruptions for more concentrated workflow and attention to detail. 

To do this successfully...

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Top 5 Tips to Building a Healthy Company Culture at Home with Your Kids

culture tips work from home Aug 26, 2020

Whew! FINALLY - the kids are BACK. IN. SCHOOL. 

No more interruptions for snacks, the potty, the sound of something breaking, or ninja whisper conversations that you keep falling for thinking they only have one question and you can "shoo!" them away but no they have 10 more questions. 

We are FREE!

Oops, just kidding! 

Kids are now "working from home" with you - don't even call them kids anymore. They're your co-workers now. 

60% of our team members are parents. 

We don't need to run a large-scale study to determine that it's NOT easy to be a great parent and productive team member AT THE SAME TIME. 

As school-aged kids return to school online, here are 5 Tips that will keep you from locking the kids in the closet: 


1. Share & Sync Schedules

Like actually write it down on a big board and have them reference the schedule when they have any questions about what to do next. Schedule break times together by blocking out your schedule...

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The Best Work from Home Tips for Beginners

Welcome newbies! You’re probably so excited that you get to work from home now, but trust me, it could get old fast. Sure, you’ll be in the comfort of your own home, but after a while, the need for sunlight and human interaction is needed! You’ll start to feel like you need to get out more. Since I’ve been working from home (it’s now going on a year and a half) I go out a lot more on the weekends. Something about being in the house all day, every day, can drive a person crazy!  But I don’t want that for you, so I have come up with some useful tips to help you get your job done all whilst not losing your mind in the process.

Bathe. Yes, bathe. Some of you will ixnay that morning shower since you don’t have to leave the house now, but showering first thing in the morning makes all the difference in the world. Showers also help you to wake up. Now, if you just can’t help yourself and you need to get those extra minutes of sleep in...

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The Right People for the Right Seats - 10 Best Practices

Being able to effectively fill positions can be difficult to navigate through for businesses without an HR department.

Here are 10 tips to cover every step of the recruiting process:

  1. Job Descriptions: Job Descriptions should at MINIMUM include a company overview, salary range, accurate day to day responsibilities, and benefits.
  2. Job Titles: The more specialized a job title is, the less applications will be received. Try not to confuse the audience by inflating job titles or being too creative. If the work is mostly administrative, then call it an Administrative Assistant. If the position is reporting directly to a C-suite, call it an Executive Assistant. Simple.
  3. Job Sites: Post positions on job sites that are relevant and/or specialized to the type of position. A company needs to understand where their target audience is applying for positions or learning about open positions.
  4. Job Sponsoring: The more specialized the position is, the more it should be sponsored...
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