“Katrina and staff played an integral part while our business was undergoing a private equity transaction. They completely took over our Human Capital division by implementing employee performance systems, managing employee behavior, and more importantly – placing talented individuals in key roles. Having them on our team allowed executive management the focus needed to complete the transaction all while having peace of mind that the staff was being taken care of. They have been our go-to team for high level strategies!” 

-Billy Chen, CMO, ImportLA


“Katrina and her team have managed all of the human resources strategies and responsibilities for all of my portfolio companies for over 3 years. She is thoughtful, detailed, and responsible – providing excellent customer service. She specifically guided our company through an emergency out of state situation with haste and a high level of professionalism. [Mike, you can add to this if you’d like – took this from my facebook page]” 

- Michael Chen, Managing Partner,  MWDB Group & Beyond Vape

We started partnering with Katrina when we first started our company with our first location in NYC. Her company built the foundation of human resources and compliance for us and has shown great ability to pivot as our company rapidly scaled into several states the last couple of years. More recently, we were able to depend on her team to deliver all due diligence requests timely and accurately while we went through a highly publicized equity transaction.” 

-Mike Wu, CEO, Pokeworks